A Minor Introduction

Several years ago, whilst placing yet another redundant BrainBench certification on my wall, the sturdy wooden chair upon which I was perched chose to tip, sending me falling; I landed coccyx first on the edge of the now vertical seat, causing temporary paralysis from the waist down.

The experience was quite disconcerting, and painful. Like a wounded deer, I struggled for several minutes to get to my feet. It was an endeavour which eventually found success; however, my tailbone remained fractured. An x-ray revealed that I had split it in half, and that it would likely become problematic in the future if I did not have it removed.

Not fond of preemptive surgical intervention, I declined the offer. A year passed, and then two; the unheeded warning became punctuated by the pain I began to suffer as a result of my mishap. Now, I am required to employ the use of an ‘invalid ring’ when I sit; if I do not, my injury becomes inflamed and takes quite some time to become subdued again.

The moral to this story is simply this; if you do not do what is required, life can become a real pain in the ass.

That has been quite representative of my life thus far; if I reach out for something, it is generally there for me to take, but if I do not make that effort, I am given nothing.

I reached out and grasped the hand of a wonderful woman, from the other side of the world, and I conquered my fear of flying in order to be with her in grand style; I travelled from Vancouver to Melbourne in a single day (two, if you count the transit over the International Date Line.)

We were married when we returned to British Columbia, however circumstances there were not conducive to our permanent residence and so we returned to Australia, where I am now putting the finishing touches upon my first novel, Fatticus Faces the Wolf. I am rather pleased with how the project has thus far commenced; young adult fiction seems to be a niche that I have some talent for.

This blog will consist primarily of musings regarding my burgeoning literary career. Occasionally I may state a position regarding politics, or publish an opinionated essay on some unrelated topic, but my day-to-day ravings will stay restricted to my friends-only Livejournal. Here will be a place for more carefully crafted works.

Thanks for looking in!
Melody Ayres-Griffiths.

A Minor Introduction

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