I got dem editing blues

It seemed straight-forward enough; since I had edited while I wrote the first draft, all I need do is revise, paragraph by paragraph, chapter by chapter and the second draft would be easily completed.

All my grammatical concerns met, I then proudly had two copies of my manuscript printed, for my partner and I to critique; then, I discovered promptly that, for starters, my first chapter was an utter disaster. Two rewrites were required to render it into a palatable construction, and reading it still gives me the occasional pause.

Am I being too critical? It is possible, but if so, does it ever end? Moving on to chapter two, I am finding many more ‘errors’, far less than the debacle of the first chapter but still many more than which I could conceivably be comfortable. Some of these paragraphs have already been tweaked numerous times, but I have uncontrollable urges to change them yet again.

The issue here is one of time; it took three days to revise my first chapter into a reasonable condition. If I multiply that by the thirty-two chapters that comprise my novel, that’s ninety-six days. I already have five months invested into the enterprise; it will exceed eight if I allow such luxuries, and that would be before sending it to a critique group.

That just won’t happen. I am simply going to have to restrict myself to one day per chapter, and no more. This, I can only imagine, is going to be somewhat akin to cutting down on cigarettes; that was something, that prior to my complete cessation of that habit, I was never good at.

I certainly do not wish to go ‘cold-turkey’ on editing, but I fear that I may inevitably need to. I can only hope that things will work out for the best, and I will not remained mired here forever; who ever thought this would all be so hard?

I got dem editing blues

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