I don’t ordinarily complain, but…

…this may as well have been my birthday dinner, since it was the last time I’ll have a chance to eat with my family for another year and a half. =(

To whom it may concern,

Sadly, my and my partner’s last night in Canada with my family before our return to Australia has been ruined by the substandard service we received at your establishment, the My-Chosen Cafe in Metchosin.

Firstly, our decaf coffee was barely even warm, and was likely quite old. Secondly, I am gluten intolerant, and you really should note that there are croutons in your garden salad, since in better places like Australia, they actually care about their customers, and do not put gluten in common things such as that.

Thirdly, your waitress *assumed* that we were ordering the lunch versions of our chosen dishes even though it was SEVEN THIRTY at night! Shouldn’t the halibut we ordered at least have come with the TARTAR SAUCE your menu claimed it came with EVEN AT LUNCH?

Frankly, I think you were just trying to maximise your profit from us, and push us through and out the door as fast as possible, so you could seat someone else and take their money as well.

This is deplorable and completely unacceptable.

We chose to have our send-off dinner at your restaurant because our prior experiences have been quite nice; however, it appears your pursuit of a ‘quick buck’ riding on the back of that reputation is starting to take its toll.

I would suggest you re-evaluate your standards of service before your reputation becomes even further tarnished.

Thank you,
Melody and April Ayres-Griffiths.

I don’t ordinarily complain, but…

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