Apple App Store Approves Anti-Gay App

In an odd turn by Apple the App-Store has approved a program which purports to help cure people from their homosexuality.

There’s a petition here that demands Apple remove this application immediately:

This sort of thing is just bigoted and cruel. GBLTI people don’t need to be told they can be ‘cured’ from something that is simply part of their inherent nature. It’s like telling a prodigy they need to be cured from being brilliant, or a sports-star being derided for being faster than anybody else. These are simply traits that add diversity to our community, not shameful attributes that must be somehow ‘suppressed’. Apple needs to remove this ‘app’ immediately lest it fall victim to its own internal anti-discrimination policies! (And, as an ACMT, I think I have at least a small say in this…)

Please sign the petition so that the required amount of signatures can be collected ASAP, and the damage this ‘app’ will create amongst the GLBTI teens of this world will be contained to as little as possible.


Apple App Store Approves Anti-Gay App

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