Australian Crowd-Funding Site Pozible Hosts ‘Raffle’…

UPDATE: The project has today been updated to remove references to the raffle. Hopefully Pozible will be more careful about approving projects in the future…


Australian crowd-funding site Pozible currently has an eyebrow-raising project: the producers of the proposed TV programme ‘Wrecking Ball’ are offering tickets into raffles to those who ‘donate’ for, amongst other things, a 50″ Samsung television and a vacation.

Despite the high-likelihood of running afoul of local gambling laws, it appears Pozible elected to permit this strategy to be employed on their platform anyway. One wonders if, should they get away with it, this could become a new trend amongst other crowd-funding websites.

Obviously, if you wanted to fund your project faster, this would be a no-brainer. There’s no risk, since you only have to cough-up if you reach your ‘target’, and you can just increase your target to cover the overhead of the raffle.

Note: it appears from Pozible’s submission process that all projects are reviewed by their staff before they go live, suggesting a complicity with the project’s dubious strategy, although it is the weekend as I write this, and my attempts to bring this issue to their attention may not have yet been noticed by Pozible’s staff.

Australian Crowd-Funding Site Pozible Hosts ‘Raffle’…

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